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Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy

DIBAL UK Limited (hereinafter, DIBAL UK), a company registered in (ADDRESS), with company registration number 6541705, with an aim to providing a better service to our clients and the public in general, has created this website, containing information on DIBAL UK and on the products and services it offers.
Access, browsing and use of this website are free of charge, provided the User complies with the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, prevailing laws, proper conduct and the normally acceptable behaviour on the Internet. On accessing the website located at (hereinafter, the website), or any of the pages that can be accessed through the same, the user expressly declares that they have read, understand and accept the “Privacy – Personal Data Protection Policy” and the “Legal notice” of this website. In the event that they fail to accept the terms and conditions laid down in both texts, they are kindly requested to refrain from using the website. Nevertheless, DIBAL UK reserves the right to restrict access to the website for such users as who fail to respect them.
Without prejudice to the fact that, in general terms, access to this website is open and free of charge, certain areas could be restricted to users registered as such by DIBAL UK. In such cases, access and use of said areas shall be regulated by virtue of particular terms and conditions which registered users will be obliged to expressly accept, as well as by virtue of the contract documents which said users have signed with DIBAL UK.
Due to the service we aim to provide by means of this website, it is our wish to be able to reply to all the communications, requests received, suggestions or any of the questions posed by users of this website. However, and despite that fact that we shall do everything possible to be able to offer a prompt reply to said communications, we cannot guarantee the same, as this will depend on the volume of requests received and the complexity of the questions posed. In addition, we are unable to guarantee the proper working, as regards both receiving and sending, of the contact email placed at your disposal on the internet, as this is beyond our control. In this respect, users not receiving the requested reply in a reasonable period of time are kindly asked to resend the unanswered communication or communications. All the information received from website users will be treated in accordance with our “Privacy – Personal Data Protection Policy”.
In this website, DIBAL UK places at users’ disposal the same information free of charge with respect to the services rendered by the company, though it does not offer the possibility to contract the services on offer directly.
The information contained in the website is subject to possible rectifications following its publication, and is therefore, for all purposes, considered provisional, and DIBAL UK is not responsible for the integrity, veracity or accuracy of the same. Said information is intended for information and guideline and estimation purposes only and shall have no binding value for DIBAL UK in future contracts.
As a result, the user shall not be entitled to demand any liability of DIBAL UK for damages deriving from the decisions taken on the basis of the information supplied in the website, even if it is partial or contains errors.
Industrial and intellectual property
Proprietary content. All designs, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and other content of the website are owned by DIBAL UK or, if applicable, DIBAL UK has the licence from their legitimate owners for their use, and therefore enjoys the protection provided relating to industrial and intellectual property. In no case does access to the website imply transfer by DIBAL UK to users of said rights.
The website users are entitled to make private use of the same and its content. In no case shall they be entitled to make commercial use of the same, or alter its elements in any way whatsoever, or reproduce them in any way beyond their private use, or distribute them or communicate them publicly. Any unauthorised copy or use of the design or content differing from that expressly permitted by DIBAL UK, in its capacity as owner of the intellectual property rights of the Website, will affect the rights of the abovementioned owner in accordance with the prevailing applicable regulations in Spain. As a consequence, it is strictly prohibited to use the content of the Website for any purpose or in any way other than that allowed by DIBAL UK in this Legal Notice.
In the event that the users wish to use the brands, names, logos or other distinctive signs available in DIBAL UK’s Website, they shall be obliged to request the corresponding authorisation of DIBAL UK and contact the webmaster, using the contact means indicated in this Legal Notice to address him/her.
The User of this Website undertakes to respect the rights mentioned and avoid any action that could jeopardise them. Any unauthorised copy or use of the design or content of the Website that differs expressly from that allowed by DIBAL UK, in its capacity as owner of the intellectual property rights to the same, will affect its rights and, in consequence, will make it legitimate for DIBAL UK to exercise such actions, civil as well as criminal as cover its legitimate rights to industrial and intellectual property against whosoever violates them.
Personal data
The user freely and voluntarily communicating his/her personal data to DIBAL UK through the procedures established in this website, expressly authorises DIBAL UK for its processing in accordance with what is laid down in the “Privacy – Personal data protection policy ” of this Website and provided the prevailing legislation at all times regarding personal data protection and Information Society Services is observed. Any User whatsoever shall be entitled at any time to exercise their rights of access, rectification and cancellation of their personal data which are conferred on them by applicable laws by means of the procedure laid down for that purpose in the “Privacy – Personal data protection policy”.
This Website contains hyperlinks or links with other website which are not edited, controlled, maintained or supervised by DIBAL UK, the latter not therefore being responsible for the content of said websites. The content of the same is the responsibility of their respective owners and DIBAL UK neither guarantees nor approves said content. The function and purpose of the links that appear in this page is exclusively that of providing the user with other services and information sources related with DIBAL UK activity. In no case whatsoever shall DIBAL UK be responsible for the results obtained through said hyperlinks. DIBAL UK is not liable for, or guarantees, the proper working, availability, accessibility or continuity of the websites linked through the present Website, or the maintenance of the information or services existing in such linked sites. Such users as wish to set up hyperlinks to this Website shall be obliged to refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Website or its content. In no case shall it be said or implied that DIBAL UK authorises the hyperlink, or that it supervises, approves or accepts in any way the content or services offered or placed at the disposal of the web page in which the hyperlink to the Website is set up. In no case does the setting up of the hyperlink imply the existence of any relationship between DIBAL UK and the owner of the web page in which the same is established.
Hyperlinks to the Website shall not be set up in web sites that include information or content which is illegal or has immoral content or is contrary to proper conduct and public order, to accepted internet uses, or which in any way infringes the rights of third parties. Hyperlinks which, where applicable, and meeting the abovementioned requisites, are established to the Website from other websites shall allow access to the Website, but shall not reproduce the content in any way (totally or partially), except for the DIBAL UK logotype or corporate name for identification purposes only.
Liability exclusion
DIBAL UK does not guarantee the complete updating, accuracy and availability at all times of the content of its Website, nor is it liable for the possible discrepancies which, on a temporary basis, may arise between the version of its printed documents available in its premises and the electronic version of the same published on its website, though it does everything possible to do so. At all events, the content of the former shall prevail in the event of discrepancy.
Despite the fact that DIBAL UK wishes to provide users with a continued service through its Website, this could be interrupted due to a variety of different circumstances. In such a case, DIBAL UK shall in no case be liable for the possible harm implied for the user by the interruption of the service of access to the present Website with regard to users or their equipment. Similarly, DIBAL UK shall in no way be liable for the loss of data, information or files occurring as a consequence of the interruption in the provision of any of its services, declining all responsibility for any damage that could derive. The user accepts that the use of the service shall be under their own risk and that DIBAL UK is not liable for any damage caused which could be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the service, to access failure, suitability for a particular purpose or compliance with the expectations or needs of the user, as well as the reliability of the same.
DIBAL UK does not guarantee the accuracy, quality or reliability of the data, programs, information or opinions, whatsoever their origin, circulating on its network or on the networks which the user may access through the DIBAL UK Website and which are due to no fault of theirs or beyond their control.
DIBAL UK is not liable for non-compliance with, delay, faulty compliance or termination of the liabilities contracted with/by third parties and for the contracts signed with the latter as a consequence of access to the services or contents of the Website.
Legal standards and applicable jurisdiction
The “Privacy – Personal data protection policy ” and the “Legal notice ” of this Website, as well as the rest of the content of the same, have been drawn up in compliance at all times with the applicable legislation with respect to the subject, in particular with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal data protection and Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and electronic commerce, and can be revised and amended at any time for the purpose of being brought into line with any amendment of prevailing laws. In said case, the new content shall be applicable from the time it is published on the Website, and shall be accessible for all users of the same.
Any dispute or conflict that arises as a result of the use of the Website shall be resolved in accordance with prevailing laws in Spain, and be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Santander, without prejudice to what is laid down in laws applicable to the concrete matter in relation to the establishment of territorial jurisdiction.


The privacy policy described below is applicable to the whole of this Website, understood as all the pages and subpages which are accessed through, except for the websites that are accessed via the hyperlinks located in this Website, in relation to which DIBAL UK (hereinafter, DIBAL UK) declines all responsibility for the different privacy and personal data protection policies they may contain.
DIBAL UK wishes to inform the users of this Website that this declaration reflects the policy on matters relating to personal data protection followed by DIBAL UK with respect to the data collected on this Website. This policy was set up in strict compliance with the prevailing standards on personal data protection, that is, Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, concerning Personal data protection (hereinafter, LOPD) and its implementing regulations. Consequently, the data gathered on users by means of this Website shall be treated at all events in compliance with prevailing regulations on personal data protection.
Personal data collection
DIBAL UK does not gather personal data on the users of this Website by means of automatic devices and procedures beyond the user’s control (cookies), and anonymous surfing on the Website is perfectly possible, if the user so wishes.
DIBAL UK shall only avail of the personal data of such users as who voluntarily wish to provide them through the Website by means of the mechanisms established for that purpose (e.g. communications with DIBAL UK via the Contact section)
Said data, voluntarily provided by the user, shall be included in files under DIBAL UK’s responsibility, created with the purpose to offer users the information or services requested and, where appropriate, to maintain the existing contractual relationship. Consequently, the user who provides DIBAL UK with his/her personal data expressly agrees to the processing of the same so that DIBAL UK can render the services and provide the information which, if applicable, is requested.
Security measures
The personal data gathered through this Website are stored in databases, which are the responsibility of DIBAL UK, the latter taking all the technical, organisational and safety measures to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information contained in the same in accordance with what is laid down in the LOPD and in its implementing regulations.
Communication between the users of the Website and DIBAL UK does not use a safe channel, and the data transmitted are not encrypted, which is why users are kindly requested to refrain from sending such personal data as are considered specially protected data under the terms of section 7 of the LOPD (personal data referring to ideology, trade union membership, religion, beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, sexual life or health), as the security measures applicable to an unsafe channel render it unadvisable. Therefore, all data of this type submitted by the user will be immediately eliminated without its processing.
Purpose of data processing
Personal data voluntarily provided by the user shall be used only for the concrete purpose expressly specified in the questionnaire for gathering the same and for meeting the user requirements in said form. They shall always respond to legitimate purposes related to DIBAL UK’s business activity and shall be treated with absolute confidentiality, and only used for such purposes as they were gathered for and which are expressly communicated to the user on the occasion of their collection.
The user voluntarily providing DIBAL UK with their data by means of this Website, unless opposed, expressly agrees to the use of said personal data for the dispatch of commercial information on DIBAL UK’s latest developments and services, including via electronic means, such as email, always in strict compliance with what is provided in prevailing legislation on matters relating to Information Society Services, with respect to electronic commercial communications, as well as to what is stipulated in the other applicable legislation. Similarly, the User declares that he/she has the consent of third parties over fourteen years of age whose personal data are included in this document for the communication of the same to DIBAL UK for the abovementioned purpose, and likewise declares to have informed the third party owner of the data communicated of the existence of said transfer, the identity and address of the assignee, the content of the processing and the possibility of exercising their rights.
Data transfer
Users who voluntarily use this Website to provide DIBAL UK with their personal data expressly agree to the communication of said data to DIBAL UK or to its associate companies with the aim to optimise services for the user.
Quality of the data: rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation.
DIBAL UK undertakes to keep the personal data voluntarily supplied by the users of this Website up to date at all times, in accordance with the information provided by said users so that they truly respond to the identity and personal characteristics of said users, so that any user can, at any time, exercise their right to rectify the personal data that they have supplied by writing an email to: Last of all, they are informed that any User may, at any time, exercise their right to access, rectify and, if applicable, oppose the processing, or cancel the personal data supplied to DIBAL UK, by means of written communication addressed to the addresses indicated in the “Legal notice ” section, or by email to the following address: